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George Kurtz, CEO, CrowdStrikeGeorge Kurtz, CEO
Mobile devices have revolutionized the way employees work, providing instant access to business-critical applications anytime, anywhere. The increasing volume of business data stored or accessed remotely by mobile enterprise apps dramatically elevates the risk of malicious activity and accidental data exposure by trusted employees. Security and IT teams are not equipped with the tools they needed to keep business data safe and personal information private. Various market players provide solutions that are not integrated or outdated, which creates a need for a one-stop solution for all mobile security threats.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon for mobile is a single-agent solution to stop breaches, data theft, and cyberattacks against enterprises. Falcon for mobile expands CrowdStrike’s mission to prevent breaches by extending its capabilities to address mobile endpoints. It is built on CrowdStrike’s proven endpoint detection, and response (EDR) technology, enabling security and IT teams to monitor and detect malicious activity and unwanted access to sensitive corporate data.

Falcon for mobile acts as “sensors,” providing the Falcon Platform with the visibility and telemetry required to detect malicious behavior on the device. It auto-detects numerous adversary tactics and techniques on iOS and Android devices. All detections are mapped to the mobile framework, including tactics and techniques such as bad device settings, exploited OS vulnerabilities, downgrading insecure protocols, delivery of malicious apps via the app store, and more. Besides, Falcon for mobile also detects blacklisted hashes, domains, and IP addresses with CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence.

CrowdStrike Falcon cloud architecture enables proactive threat hunting, increasing an organization’s protection against attackers, and plays a critical role in the early detection of attacks and adversaries.
It provides telemetry from iOS and Android devices to populate the “mobile host” and “mobile detection” dashboards within the Falcon platform. Telemetry from both traditional endpoints and mobile devices is presented together to enhance endpoint monitoring and investigations.

Falcon for mobile is built using “privacy-by-design” principles to enable users to confidently adopt the solution without fear of their data being monitored. It can only monitor enterprise apps selected by the client’s security team. The corporate apps being monitored by Falcon for mobile are indicated by a small Falcon icon emblazoned over the app icon.

When it comes to Data assimilation, Falcon for mobile gathers network, operating system, and access data for each monitored apps. In addition to this data, it also monitors basic statistics from the phone, such as battery usage, device jailbreaking, and connected Bluetooth devices. None of the collected data contains private or personal information, such as text messages, emails, or browsing history.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon for mobile is a single-agent solution to stop breaches, data theft, and cyberattacks against enterprises.

CrowdStrike has built a formidable reputation for providing quality security solutions. Recently, Globe Telecom, a leading telecom company in the Philippines with 90 million customers, engaged CrowdStrike to provide endpoint security for their customer base. They launched their SOC in 2017. The significant part of their SOC maturity challenge was filtering and identifying high-fidelity alerts amidst hundreds of security incidents.

To tackle the problem, they partnered with CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike’s Falcon for mobile provided them with the enhanced speed and agility to respond to potential alerts. It could also be easily deployed across many hosts, platforms, and operating systems quickly without any appliance dependencies. It changed their security outlook from one of compliance-based view to a fully operation-based approach.

Although CrowdStrike is rapidly developing in the mobile security space, their core team still provides excellent customer experiences. They work closely with clients and have retained the same Startup handling approach they had from day one. They cultivate a strong culture and work tirelessly to protect enterprises and governments from advanced threats and targeted attacks with cutting-edge technologies and professional services.
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George Kurtz, CEO

CrowdStrike Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform’s single lightweight agent architecture leverages cloud-scale artificial intelligence (AI) and offers real-time protection and visibility across the enterprise, preventing attacks on endpoints on or off the network. Powered by the proprietary CrowdStrike Threat Graph, CrowdStrike. Falcon correlates over 2.5 trillion endpoint-related events per week in real time from across the globe, fuelling one of the world’s most advanced data platforms for security